Workflow Automation

Unlike many workflow engines that are complicated and restrictive, ours is simple and easy to use yet more flexible than most. The proper use of a workflow engine can streamline your entire organization. Our clients are literally blown away at what we can do to make data flow more efficiently, automate drip marketing, auto assign tasks, and trigger alerts when certain actions are not completed in a timely manner. With our extremely competitive customization rates, fine tuning your model is very cost effective. In fact we often find that with just a few basic workflows, businesses are literally able to redirect employees because of the time saved.

Cool Things You Can Do With Workflows

  • Auto Assign Leads From Your Website To Sales People
  • Automatically Schedule Follow Up Calls
  • Marketing Automation With Drip Email Campaigns
  • Create Alerts Triggered When Tasks Are Not Completed
  • Create Automatic Email Communications With Customers