Web Video Production

Internet Video ProductionIf a Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

What is a video worth? Imagine two salesmen of equal skill in front of the same audience with the task of selling the same product. One is allowed to use only pictures, and the other is allowed to use video. Who do you think will close more business? Well, I can answer that question based on my own experience because I have been that salesmen with nothing but pictures and the best pitch I could muster for a presentation. I have also been that salesmen who had the ability to utilize video, and the increased effectiveness is stunning. Video provides the ability to convey concepts that simply cannot be conveyed with static images alone.
Emotion, passion, expert interviews, customer testimonials, product demos, and company bios can all be captured on video and integrated with music and text to create a presentation that is far more effective than old school methods. If you happen to be an incredible communicator—fantastic—video will only make you more effective when crafted in a way that complements your personal touch. If you or any of your sales team aren’t the best communicators, or if you simply have a very complex value proposition, then video can be your savior. Once a video is crafted, it never fails to deliver the intended message. It never skips a beat, it never forgets to mention key pieces of data, and it can be made available to your prospective customers on demand so that they can view it on their time. No doubt, video has arrived in full force and is evidenced by the fact that YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the planet. If you are not utilizing video in your online presence then you are missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. But what is the right strategy for implementing video in a way that it brings measurable results? That’s a tough question because there are so many ways that it can be used. One fact you can take to the bank is that somewhere right now one of your competitors is working on a video strategy designed to elevate their brand and take your customers.
So the real answer is that a video strategy is one that must be carefully calculated and diligently tracked to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This takes time, but it is well worth it. We have been using video for years and have watched it revolutionize our sales process. Of course, there are tons of companies out there that purport to be experts at video production. The not so obvious truth is that most of the big production houses are terrible at developing video strategies that work for businesses who are trying to use video to drive sales. That’s because they are primarily focused on creating art—not creating a meticulously crafted strategy to compel human action. There are a few out there who can do both, but in interviewing many of the major players we have found they don’t quite get it yet. It takes an expert who really understands the way the web works and the proper method for testing various types of video—making small tweaks until you have a winner. The bottom line is that there are some terrible videos that have made people filthy rich. And there are some absolutely incredible well-crafted videos that have totally bombed. At Sunzi Cloud, we have a strategic method for integrating video into your marketing efforts and incorporating the proper analytics so that we can determine based on fact what is working and what is not. Opinion means nothing. Artistic style means nothing. There is one question that must be answered to tell you everything you need to know. Am I getting more prospects in my pipeline, and am I closing more business as a result of my video strategy? Call us today to find out how we can help you get started with proven strategy to make video work for your business.