Hosted VOIP Solutions

Hosted VOIP SolutionsSunzi VOIP

We have been pioneers in the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) space for many years. We have participated in the evolution of the field and are proud to offer one of the most powerful options available today.

For business that need a reliable, flexible VOIP solution that will integrate seamlessly and open up endless possibilities of remote usage. The VOIP universe has entered a new phase that is allowing businesses to leverage communications in amazing ways that only a few years ago would have required massive capital investment. Over the course of a decade, we teamed the smartest minds in the business with the most flexible Asterisk-based solutions. This allows us to build commercial grade integrations with our CRM and Website CMS .
Full Featured IP PBX Automatic Call Recording Instant Lead Connect Detailed Call Reports Custom IVRs Unlimited DIDs
SUNZI VOIP can drop telecommunications costs by up to 75 percent while adding an infinite array of options to make your organization more efficient. Gain control over the way calls are routed, recorded, stored and retrieved. Get real-time statistics about calling activity. Implement dynamic call tracking to inform you about what web pages are generating phone calls. And the list goes on. Our high quality hosted VOIP solution makes the standard desk phone look like a relic of years past. Call us today to learn how we can bring the right combination of powerful features to your business. The time is now. Call today at (888) 606-4833.