CRM on Steroids

Customer Relationship Management SoftwareSunzi CRM

We’ve tried them all—from Act to Salesforce to SugarCRM. Our assessment in a nutshell—they were all lacking. The high licensing costs plus the time it takes to make them really hum is prohibitive for most businesses. After obsessive research of everything out there, we identified an extremely powerful open source CRM platform that we could customize so that our version would encompass all the features of the high dollar alternatives and then some. We added all the crucial features that were lacking and made it easy to integrate with your current contact manager, calendar and email. Then we adopted a policy that is truly unheard of—forgo the pay-per-seat model and simply allow our clients to use as many seats as they wanted. The only thing that will drive your price up is if you need a bigger server due to heavy usage. A good problem to have in our opinion

Key Features of Sunzi CRM

  • No Per-Seat Licensing Fees
  • Robust and Flexible Workflow Engine
  • Custom Reporting Module
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Marketing Automation
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Click-to-Call Within the CRM
  • Track All Sales Activity Such as Calls Made by Salespeople
  • AutoSync With Google Calendar
  • AutoSync With Google Contacts
  • AutoSync With Google Email
  • Outlook Integration
  • Lead Tracker Records Web Visitors and Alerts You in Real-Time
  • Prospect Intelligence Identifies any Company That Visits Your Site
  • Web Leads Automatically Captured In Your CRM

Google Apps For Business Integration

Sunzi CRM offers full integration with Google Apps for Business. This includes a bi-directional sync with Google Calendars, Contacts and Email. This integration is truly a beautiful thing. It gives users the flexibility of using the Google interfaces on any device they prefer. Of course, most work will probably be done within the Sunzi CRM application, but the powerful integration with Google Apps is truly ground breaking. Oh yeah, Google Apps for business is totally free to use for organizations up to 50 users. Now that’s seriously cool. Call us today and we would be glad to arrange a demo to show you exactly how it all works to improve the user experience and ultimately drive increased productivity.

Powerful Workflow Engine

Unlike many workflow engines that are complicated and restrictive, ours is user-friendly and more flexible than most. The proper use of a workflow engine can streamline your entire organization. Our clients are literally blown away at what we can do— make data flow more efficiently, automate drip marketing, auto assign tasks and trigger alerts when certain actions are not completed in a timely manner. With our extremely competitive customization rates, fine tuning your model is very cost effective. In fact, we often find that with just a few basic workflows, businesses are literally able to redirect employees because of the time saved.

Cool Things You Can Do With Workflows

  • Auto Assign Leads From Your Website To Sales People
  • Automatically Schedule Follow Up Calls
  • Marketing Automation With Drip Email Campaigns
  • Trigger Alerts When Tasks Are Not Completed
  • Create Automatic Email Communications With Customers