Low Cost Customization

Stretching Your IT DollarsStretch Your IT Dollars Further

Unlike many information technology firms, at SUNZI CLOUD we have a slightly different philosophy when it comes to the fees associated with development and customizations of CRM software and your website.

You see, we have been in your shoes and know what it is like to feel like your software provider is just waiting to put the screws to you for every minute of consulting they can sell you. That leads to a “rationing” of the IT budget and often leads to businesses just deciding not to implement the customizations that can really make a huge difference in the usefulness of the software. We think that stinks! In fact, we not only think it stinks, we believe that jacking up professional services fees leads to less happy customers and shorter relationships. Our goal is to make it so affordable to get your software customized that you literally will find you can’t live without us. Put another way—you would be crazy not to utilize us because there is no way you could get the same level of awesomeness for the money—even if you tried. Don’t get us wrong, after all, we are a for profit organization. We just think that we can make a fair profit on the monthly platform fees and are not focused on gauging for ancillary services. By offering low cost customizations, we can deliver what you really want without having to make concessions and without breaking the bank. The fact is we have some killer programmers who work quickly and are extremely affordable, and we pass the savings on to you. We hope you will give us an opportunity to become your trusted IT and keep you for a long, long time.