Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

What You Need to Know About The Cloud

Cloud computing represents one of the most important paradigm shifts in modern business technology. It is also currently one of the most misunderstood concepts and misused terms in the IT field. Some say we have had cloud computing for years and that there is nothing new here but hype. The truth is that there are elements from decades past that have built the foundation for modern cloud computing. However, when we talk about cloud computing in 2011, we are referring to a very specific paradigm—a new model that is invading all aspects of business. Use the cloud effectively and you can leverage it to beat your competition, lower your costs and increase your profits.


One of the best analogies to explain cloud computing is an electric utility. Instead of delivering electricity, the resources delivered are computing, storage and bandwidth. When you need electricity, you flip a switch, consume the power you need for as long as you need it, and then you flip the switch off. You get billed at an agreed rate for the exact amount of electricity that you consume. Cloud computing effectively brings this electric utility model to IT services. Resources are configured to create applications that are accessed (or consumed) by end users on an as needed basis. The possibilities are endless and range from simple to complex—host images for a personal website or securely host all the IT resources for a global enterprise.


There are many benefits of cloud computing. Below we have listed some of the common benefits of cloud computing in general, as well as benefits that are specific to Sunzi Cloud’s unique model for leveraging the cloud.
  • No Hardware - Host your applications in the cloud and eliminate servers and other costly and complicated hardware.
  • No Hardware Maintenance - Eliminate hardware and eliminate the need for onsite maintenance.
  • Less Points of System Failure - By removing outdated hardware from the equation, you eliminate a common point of system failure.
  • Real Time Scalability - When operating in the cloud, scale up or down to deliver only the server capacity you need.
  • Mobilization - Cloud-based solutions mean your applications and your data are anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Military Grade Security - Military grade encryption means your data is as safe as it could possibly be.
  • Redundancy - We store redundant instances of all your data and applications in multiple data centers located throughout the globe.