About Us

Sunzi Cloud has an interesting story. I did not set out 10 years ago to build an IT business. In fact, after spending seven years in the IT field assembling teams of programmers for Fortune 500 clients, I decided it was time for a change. I founded an energy brokerage firm in 2001 which has grown over the past ten years into one of the country’s leading firms.

At the age of 27, I decided to venture into the newly deregulated electricity markets and provide objective energy brokerage services to businesses—giving them the tools they would need to manage energy costs. Because I was competing with industry veterans who had been in the energy business since before I was born, I was forced to find an edge that would allow me to set my firm apart. My technology experience allowed me to see things very differently than those who only knew energy. I used my unique perspective and skills to leverage technology to build a better mousetrap and successfully compete against the formidable old school veterans who were my primary competitors.

We implemented various CRM software packages, utilized various VOIP solutions, created a new website every few years, and tried every technique under the sun to generate leads and close more business. Over time it quickly became apparent to me that I could utilize open source software and cloud computing to build a better solution that was fully integrated and gave me the important business intelligence to enable smarter decision making. The platform we built allowed us to track sales activity in a way that was far superior to more expensive solutions on the market. The same story was true with search engine optimization, pay per click, and marketing automation.

Soon after, I realized that we had not only built a better mousetrap for our energy brokerage firm, but we had also built a platform that could make any business better. Especially sales-oriented businesses that utilize a web presence and have sales people that they need to track. I had always been willing to help other business owners out by showing them what we had discovered. I watched over and over as these businesses took my advice and implemented our solutions with great success.

It was clear that I had a winning model. All I needed was the right guru who could take the reins on the technology side so that I could remain focused on the platform design and evolution while turning over the development to a highly qualified technical team. A chance introduction to Petar, one of the smartest programmers I had ever met, quickly led to us talking about the viability of making our platform available to other businesses. He shared my excitement and we quickly realized that this was an idea whose time had come.

Sunzi Cloud was born. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not a company that just creates cool software that we think might be useful to businesses. Everything we include in our platform is battle-tested and the product of a real business evolving over a ten year period—testing everything and implementing only the best solutions available. We keep our costs low by leveraging open source wherever we can and by creating custom code where we need to. To learn more about us, please call us anytime to discuss our platform or to talk about how we can solve your most pressing technology issues.