What Businesses, Atheists and Believers Can Learn From Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos Stun Pittsburgh in AFC Wildcard Game

Tim Tebow pulled off another "miraculous" win over the favored Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC wild card game this afternoon. I have observed in delight as his success and failures have spawned both praise, ridicule and professed hatred by people of varying philosophical orientation. Whether you understand his religious conviction or not I think there is a powerful lesson for anyone who wants to lead a team to victory, whether it is in sports, business or any aspect of life. In case you are unaware of the whole controversy let me give you the ultra quick synopsis. First, I must tell you that I really have absolutely no clue what his religious beliefs are other than he is a professed follower of Jesus Christ. When interviewed, he never fails to give credit to Christ for his success on the field. In describing the winning touchdown he said, "I just thought, Thank you, Lord”. He is also known for making gestures of praise by pointing upward, or taking a knee in prayer after succesful plays. It is these public displays of faith that have so many people in a tizzy. Now I am not interested in a debate about religion so please spare me from any attempt to engage on that level. Hopefully you got that from the headline. There will never be any agreement on that and there are plenty of places for that topic to be debated. The thing that strikes me is the lesson that seems to get lost so often when I have read about the Tebow phenomenon. It is a lesson that I fully believe is relevant to anyone, of any philosophical orientation, and in any field that requires leadership and teamwork. So here's the deal. Yeah, we have established that Tebow is a Christian, and I understand how some people are irritated by the way he conveys this on the field. There are certainly many players that irritate the hell out of me and that is to be expected. Particularly when they revel in celebratory antics while defeating of one of my teams. Whatever. Back to the lesson. Tebow did not start the season as quarterback for Denver. The Bronco's string of lackluster performances led to growing dissatisfaction among management, fans and teammates alike. The time finally came when he got his chance. When called upon, he delivered a series of wins that quickly drew national attention. Many of his performances were not pretty, but they were exciting to watch and his charisma brought hope to a hopeless situation. You can debate where he gets his inspiration and whether his personal philosophy is right or wrong but you cannot dispute the impact that he had on his team or the results. Here is where the universal lesson comes in. Where he gets is personal inspiration for the purpose of achieving the team's objective is irrelevant. The fact is he has the character traits found in winning leaders, he uses them and the teams where he has played have benefitted greatly. From what I read he is a humble, personable, hard-working, team player and he was thankful for getting the chance to use his talent to lift his team up and give them a chance at the playoffs. Tebow has an infectious confidence that you can see. He is a winner. People want to be a part of winning. When someone steps into a leadership role with a crystal clear vision of victory and they share that vision with their team, that is when the "magic" happens. As they say, "whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, your probably right". I whole heartedly agree. My point is that before a team can ever expect to win they must first believe that they can win. There is no doubt in my mind that seeing was believing for his team and the Denver fans. The hype became self fulfilling. When hard work met opportunity, confidence was validated, hope was restored and Tebow sparked a change in mindset that manifested itself on the field. He did not do it alone, of course, the whole team seemed to step up. The lived up to the hype. Thought is the forerunner of all human action. Victory starts in the mind and it is manifested when a clear vision is paired with determination and belief. Winning is infectious. When you're in the zone, regardless of how you got there, that is when you will do what Tim Tebow and the Denver Bronco's have done. It matters not where the magic comes from. What matters is that it's there, and that it's translating into results. If you have a leader that can provide the spark  that leads to a winning mindset and relentless determination among your team then you best get out of the way and enjoy the ride. So there you have it. Whether you are implementing CRM software, trying to leverage cloud computing, or building a WordPress website for your business, you must have a clear vision of success and fearless leadership that can inspire your team if you are going to deliver a winning solution.

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